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Scuba Professional Network

Your resource for finding dive instructors.
Just starting, refreshing your skills or continuing with your diver education, you'll want to know and contact these great scuba diving professionals.

Heading out on a vacation? Find a dive instructor who can assess and refresh your skills.

Scuba instructors provide:
• refresher classes
• open water classes
• advanced classes
• specialty classes (i.e. deep, wreck, navigation, cave)
• local diving guided experiences

Scuba Professional Network

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Scuba Pro Network  provides

• High web visibility
• Directory for NAUI,SSI,PADI,PDIC & TDI pros
• US state by state listings
• Carribbean island by island listings
• Marketing for refresher referrals


The Scuba Pro Network helps new divers find scuba instructors. The network also helps certified divers find refresher and advanced classes. Only qualified Scuba instructors and divemasters are listed here. Diver referrals come directly from your listing on the Scuba Pro Network.

Scuba instructors must be in teaching status with their training agency.
Ask your webmaster about the benefits to professional weblinks.

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